Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard, © Ed Reeve

Swarovski Presents Prologue By Fredrikson Stallard

Swarovski has invited Fredrikson Stallard to present Prologue, its latest large-scale design collaboration with the London-based designers.

A monumental circular metal form stands 4m in height, holding over 8,000 golden Swarovski crystal droplets within its frame, mimicking the iconography of the sun and shimmering as it constantly reflects and refracts light.  The pure simplicity of Prologue’s luminous form is compelling and draws us closer, allowing us to feel a primeval connection with the sun. It is a bold and confident representation of new beginnings - and also a more abstract symbol of life and rebirth.

Prologue is suspended from an industrial steel beam; its raw surface, patinated to express the natural ageing process, is juxtaposed with the sparkling clarity of precision-cut crystal.

Scale is paramount to Prologue. It is intended to dwarf the viewer yet not be overbearing. Its dazzling beauty created by the luminous veil of crystals generates awe and ignites a response. Here, light translates into a sculptural medium, becoming an illusory phenomenon.

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard formed their design partnership in 1995 and have become internationally recognized as leading exponents of British avantgarde design. They are admired for their ability to translate their vision into simple yet emotionally engaging furniture and product designs. Prologue by Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski is the latest collaborative work between Swarovski and the designers. In 2011 Fredrikson Stallard and Swarovski presented the Iris collection at Design Miami/ Basel, a unique interpretation of the human eye.