Designer Rebecca Horn Year 2011
Materials 22 Kt Yellow Gold, Fossil Dimensions 5.5 X 5 cm
Courtesy of Elisabetta Cipriani

Elisabetta Cipriani/ London presenting Rebecca Horn

Elisabetta Cipriani – Jewellery by Contemporary Artists, invites well known sculptors and painters to design jewelry as unique wearable sculptures.

The gallery is delighted to present an extraordinary collaborative project by international acclaimed artist Rebecca Horn at Design Miami/ Basel.

Horn gracefully shifts from one creative genre to the next as a sculptor who devises surreal extensions to the human body, as a performance artist who directs feature-length  films, and as a poet who constructs elaborate mechanized sculptures. Yet, however interdisciplinary her work is, it is all finely interwoven. Themes of human vulnerability, emotional fragility, sexuality and energy pervade her narratives and binds together her production.

The jewelry project came to life through collaboration between the artist and Luisa del Valle, a noted goldsmith living in Spain. After months of research, del Valle sourced  rare stones, shells and ammonites to develop the concept of movement and energy central to Horn’s work.

Each piece is unique, hand-made and exquisitely crafted by del Valle through the ancient Etruscan technique. As a result of their collaboration, this jewelry is a mélange of antiquity and contemporaneity, timeless sculptural pieces in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces which are deeply sensual.

The spiral, which is present in all of these pieces of jewelry, is one of Horn’s most favored symbols and appears throughout her work. It is an ancient symbol found throughout the world, with each culture bringing its own meaning to the symbol. The Chinese, for example, associate it with infinity of time, movement, and energy.

Horn’s artistic practice itself has evolved like a spiral, addressing these same ideas in different media.

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