Designer Studio Job Year 2014 Materials Marble, Brass, Wood, Glass, Electricity
Dimensions Various Courtesy of Stonetouch & Mitterrand + Cramer

Mitterrand+Cramer/ Geneva presenting Studio Job

On the occasion of Design Miami/ Basel, Mitterrand+ Cramer premieres Detour, a new body of work by world-acclaimed designers Studio Job co-edited by StonetouCH. 

Detour is a series of objects inspired by roadwork iconography, and is conceptually in line with Job’s previous series such as Craft (2001), Farm (2007) and Homework (2008). This new series features five works: a bookshelf, a set of lamps, a coffee table and a mirror. 

Detour is co-edited by StonetouCH, a Geneva-based design editor working almost exclusively with Swiss stones. Through its partnership on the edition and production of limited-editions or unique works with renowned artists and designers, StonetouCH has become a key player within the design universe when it comes to stone and marble in particular. Recent realizations include collaborations with Andrea Branzi, Arik Levy, Sylvie Fleury and Matali Crasset. 

“The rich marble was the stimulus to explore a ‘minimal’ or ‘rational’ approach. Within our oeuvre, this is a fresh revival of aolder frequency. Still, rational or not, visually and sculpturally we were interested in combining the marble with other materials like glass or bronze (of course). Still, minimal or not, we found it relevant to add ‘color’ to this work by combining different marble sorts within the collection and within the object itself.” Nynke & Job – Antwerp, April, 2014


Contact / Edward Mitterand / Stéphanie Cramer
Address / 52 Rue Des Bains, Geneva 1205, Switzerland
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