FOMObile by Space Caviar

FOMObile by Space Caviar at Design Miami/ Basel

Throughout the week, the FOMObile, a real-time publishing platform developed by design collective Space Caviar, will be stationed at the ground floor entrance of Design Miami/ Basel producing a time-based stream of magazines and taking the form of our guest Insider journalist. Drawing from the cloud of electronic interactions generated by the event to produce an exhibition-in-progress, the FOMObile will transform the intangible media footprint, produced collectively by the fair’s participants, into a visible body of collaboratively generated content — using this media to question notions of privacy, self-representation and identity in the context of 21st-century public space.

Inspired by Bruce Sterling’s statement that “events are the new magazines,” FOMO is an attempt to produce a physical record of the rich yet fleeting bodies of physical interactions and electronic debris generated by event culture, while playing on the lurking “fear of missing out” (an inevitable by-product of the experience economy). 

Satellite Exhibition: Joint Photographic Experts Group by Space Caviar

As a medium largely rooted in the analogue culture of the 20th century, photography, like print media, is seen to be in crisis. Yet at the same time we are in something of a golden era of photography, with 1.8 billion photographs uploaded to the web every day. Presented in tandem with the algorithmic publishing platform FOMO, Joint Photographic Experts Group by Space Caviar is an exhibition that uses the visual data generated by visitors to Messe Basel as its point of departure.A dynamic installation updated each day, the exhibition channels the data streams emerging from the audience itself, raising questions around authorship, copyright, identity and privacy in contemporary photography.


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