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No other design object can stir human emotion with quite the same intensity as a fine automobile. And no other exhibition has the prestige that Design Miami/ and Design Miami/Basel enjoy within the world of art and design. Since 2006, Audi is the only automobile manufacturer to sponsor this extraordinary design mecca, and is also an active participant.

Design Miami/ 2013: Audi created the site-specific installation “Fragmentation” focusing on Audi Sport. The red rhombus is THE symbol for high-performance and outstanding Audi technology in both series production and motorsport. At Design Miami/ the Audi Sport emblem was transformed in a three- dimensional installation. The spotlight was on two extraordinary Audi models, the R8 Spyder, which is the top-sporting model of Audi and the R8 LMS ultra, which Audi offers for customer motorsport and has the same genes as the production model.

Design Miami/ Basel 2013: Audi worked with the Hamburg–based scenographer Tim John to create a unique installation entitled “Home of quattro”. At Design Miami/ Basel the spotlight was on two extraordinary Audi models: The new Audi RS 6 Avant, which made its debut in March at the International Motor Show in Geneva, and the legendary Audi Sport quattro from 1984. For “Home of quattro” Tim John used the art of paper-cutting to create a world portraying important milestones in the history of the legendary four-wheel drive. Since opening his studio in 2007, Tim John has created handmade, intricately-detailed, interactive exhibits, static objects for decoration and sets, as well as installations extending over entire rooms. His work is in combining classical imagery and forms of presentation with modern media.

Audi Design Miami/ Basel 2013 Video